Electro-Mechanical Design

Design of electromechanical systems need lot of attention to finer details, system reliability, compliance to standards and user interface. Design within Cost targets, accuracy of design and speed of delivery are key factors which decide success of product at market place.

We specialize in designing systems as per your specifications and required standards. Our structured methodology ensures that all requirements and inputs are in place before start of project. Internal design reviews, regular project updates to clients, strict quality check of every deliverable and our First-Time Right approach avoids any major rework in design, thereby drastically reducing overall time to market.

Our Electro-Mechanical design capabilities:

  1. Product design and styling
  2. Design and development of Sheet Metal, Plastic and Die Cast parts
  3. Complete design of Indoor & Outdoor Electrical Enclosures as per IEC standards
  4. Design Optimization to reduce weight, part count and manufacturing processes
  5. Mechanism design
  6. Repackaging to optimize overall size
  7. Design of packing material
  8. Design and development of small & medium kitchen appliances
  9. Design of Rubber components
  10. VAVE studies to reduce cost and variety of parts
  11. Design of machine components and sub-assemblies
  12. Creation of Standard Part Libraries as per requirement


CAD Services:

Though, Design and Innovation are our key focus areas, we do cater to various CAD Services for our esteemed clients.

Our CAD services Offerings:

  1. Creation of manufacturing 2D drawings from existing 3D design
  2. Creation of 3D models and 2D drafting from legacy paper based 2D drawings
  3. Minor modifications in existing design as per client requirements
  4. Creation of Assembly Instructions drawings
  5. Creation of Technical User Manuals
  6. Creation of Service Manuals