CAE Services

To reduce time to market and launch reliable products; companies around the world are going for Computer Aided Simulation, thereby minimizing number of physical tests and drastic reduction in design iterations.

We can help you in conducting various simulations on design to eliminate need for building multiple prototypes. Simulation tools we use are well established and industry proven tools making use of Multiphysics methodologies.

Unlike other service providers; who only give results of simulation, we can provide our recommendations to improve product performance based on simulation results.

Our CAE Services capabilities: CAE Services in India

Strength Analysis

  1. Static Analysis with Linear Materials
  2. Large Deflection Analysis
  3. Frictionless and frictional contact modeling
  4. Bolt Pretension


  1. Modal Analysis


  1. Stress-life and Strain-life Fatigue

Thermal Analysis

  1. Steady State and Transient Thermal Conduction, Convection and External Radiation


  1. Steady-state Single Phase flow
  2. Incompressible and Compressible Fluids
  3. Laminar, Turbulent and Laminar/Turbulent transition flows
  4. Polymer Extrusion
  5. Conjugate Heat Transfer
  6. Fluid Buoyancy Effects
  7. External Radiation

Low Frequency Electromagnetics

  1. DC Electric Conduction
  2. Magnetostatics with linear and nonlinear magnetic materials
  3. Magnetic frequency response


  1. One-way fluid structure interaction
  2. Thermal-Electric
  3. Thermal-Stress
  4. Thermal-Electric-Stress
  5. Thermal-Flow
  6. Magnetic-Thermal
  7. Magnetic-Thermal-Stress

Design Exploration

  1. Design points, robust design and optimization